What is the Project Vision?

To establish an IT environment offering data streams coming from mass products,  such as vehicles and smart building automation systems. Such data streams will lead to the development of new cross sectorial services, as well as enhancement of diverse existing services, such as improvement of weather forecast or energy optimisation services.

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Major projects outcomes:

Standardized Cross Industrial Data Model
One of the most important objective of this project is to come up with a standardized cross industrial data model. This model needs to be flexible enough to incorporate data coming from various industrial sectors.

Data Marketplace with Analytics Toolbox
The envisaged “One-Stop-Shop” Marketplace will provide Service Providers a single point of access to data streams from multiple mass products. The marketplace will also offer a data analytics toolbox, which will provide easy to use big data analytic functionalities for Service Providers with low big data expertise and knowledge.

Cross Industrial Services
Cross industrial data streams represent new information resources enabling new and innovative business ideas. In the scope of the Cross-CPP project, the consortium partners will develop innovative cross-sectorial services.