Institut für Angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen

Institut für Angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen


ATB Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1991. Shareholders are the State of Bremen, Bremen University and a group of industrial companies (Daim- ler AG, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, OAS AG and OHB-System AG). ATB has a multidisciplinary research team of around 20 scientists, supported by about 15 researchers working on a temporary or part- time basis. The main strategic business areas of ATB are Systems Analysis & Design, Knowledge Man- agement and Software Systems Technology.

ATB has deep knowledge in the RTD as well as administrative management of EU funded RTDprojects. ATB was/is administrative project manager of the FI-PPP use case projects SmartAgriFood and FIspace and was/is strongly supporting financial and operational management of ELVIRE and eDASH project. Moreover, most recently in FP 7, ATB will coordinate the CP-CSA projects FInish, organising an open call for SMEs to enables the transition of food supply chains towards information-intensive dynamic networks.

As applied research institute and in its role as knowledge transfer organisation, ATB is active in national and international research projects. At the same time, ATB is developing software-based solutions for com- mercial customers, based on latest and specifically Internet technologies. Furthermore, with a focus on SME support and to bridge the gap between commercial pressure on SMEs and the required innovativeness, ATB is supporting the realisation of research projects with a large industrial/ SME participation.

Within several projects with industrial customers from automotive industry ATB has analysed, developed and applied new advanced automotive telematics approaches, as e.g. telematics solution supporting distrib- uted development and test execution (ACDC) and OEM Back-End solution (AutoMat, ELVIRE). ATB has also sound experience in development of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) based solutions and services, gained through a number of application oriented projects in the automotive, as well as other industrial sectors and public service domain. In the scope of EU funded projects ACDC, InAmI, AMI4SME ATB is developing open platform solutions for cooperation of distributed partners and advanced ICT services for collaborative work in industry. ATB has also high experience developing knowledge based systems, ontologies and to realise enterprise wide information integration for large and small automotive and aerospace companies. ATB is developing SW systems based on advanced Development Environments, modern Modelling Meth- odologies and Languages, Database Management Systems, latest Web Technologies, among others.

ATB has sound expertise in the development of novel ICT solutions and the interfacing with other ICT systems. ATB is developing SW systems with competitive programming languages (JAVA, .NET, C++, C#), modern modelling languages and development approaches (e.g. UML, MDA), agile development methods (e.g. SCRUM), state-of-the-art database management systems (e.g. Oracle RDBMS, MySQL, NoSQL/ MongoDB etc.), mobile solution environments (e.g. Android, PhoneGap, industrial RFID & bar- code scanner) and latest paradigms and technologies (e.g. Apache Wicket, Spring, Twitter Bootstrap). In a number of EU projects, ATB has developed different applications such as monitoring and collaboration solutions in complex logistics and automotive supply chain processes, context-sensitive data retrieval, intelligent interfacing of systems etc.


Role in this project

Project Coordinator and RTD Partner, responsible for the operational and financial management of the project, leader of WP 900, “Management”, and Leader of WP300 “Agreed CPP data model and context model” and of T130 “Proof of Innovation Concept”, T220 “CPP Ecosystem”, T330 “Agreed Context Model”, T340 “Implemented Context Modelling and Extraction”, T510 “Context Sensitive Privacy”. Responsible for the context modelling and context extraction services, knowledge based solutions. Additionally, providing overall contributions to WP100, WP200, WP600, WP700, and WP800.