Meteologix AG

Meteologix AG


Meteologix AG is one of four companies of the Kachelmann Group and responsible for the group’s business with companies and official authorities like government on all levels. It has been founded in 2014 one year after its mother company Kachelmann GmbH which is responsible for the B2C services, both companies are based in Switzerland. The two other companies of the Kachelmann Group are located in the US (Weath- erOK Inc. with its technical hub in Omega OK and its seat in Cumberland ME) and Meteologix Australia, Sydney with its technical hub in Dubbo NSW. Their founder Joerg Kachelmann, born 1958, started to be a professional meteorologist in 1983 when a Swiss newspaper started to have an entire page dedicated to the weather. In 1990 his first company Meteomedia with seat in Switzerland was founded, followed by more companies in other countries, including the US company WeatherOK, started in 2005, which is still in Kachelmann’s portfolio. When Kachelmann sold his shares in 2013, Meteomedia and sister companies had more than 125 employees and relied mostly on revenue from TV weathercasts.

Considering the rapid development in modern technology Kachelmann wanted to leave the tanker behind and subsequently enter a speedboat with the companies with a big accent on research on a global scale. Accomplishments/ongoing research so far:

  • Development of a 1×1 km resolution model (usual forecast grid being used for most weather appli- cations is only 28×28 km – Availability of global satellite imagery and R/D of applications for transport, logistics and renewable energy
  • Real time warning of Aquaplaning for highways and Bundesstrassen/Kantonsstrassen in Germany and Switzerland. Expansion to global scale
  • Cooperation with the Weather Philippines Foundation and development of a model suitable to fore- cast landslides and subsequently warnings along with severe weather awareness throughout the country cast-upgrade-in-phl/ – Development of a global weather/climatedatabase
  • Development of a global 1×1 km agricultural model to avoid unnecessary use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Finalizing of a global database for storms/lightning detection
  • Visualization of severe weather for enhanced people’s awareness regarding life threatening weather patterns

In AutoMat project data from vehicles are used to enhance the weather forecasts in various locations. In the scope of Cross-CPP this service will be further enhanced by ML by integrating besides vehicle as sources of data (VW) with data from home automation systems (Siemens, e.g., temperature and humidity measurement outside of houses, gardens, terrace etc.) and applying big data analytics, which will have a fundamental impact on forecasting algorithms with highly improved geospatial and time accuracy. Such enhances weather forecast services will be then combined with other application specific data analytics to build various PES and cross sectorial services.

Developments that become possible with the present project only – all existing model outputs either for agriculture or general disaster prediction down to general use forecasts will be heavily improved:
Rapid Update Model:

• Development of a weather layer for navigation software on a global scale in order to avoid trucks and vehicles in general being stuck in snow/ice or excessive heat for cooling transport or avoiding high winds for large and high trucks as well as avoiding areas with heavy rain if the possible deviation with higher speeds yields a better ETA than slower driving through rain.

Role in this project

Leader of Cross-sectorial services, and in particular of task “Cross sectorial service specification and infrastructure“ and “Full prototype integration of cross sectorial services and their optimisation” according to test and assessment feedback. Also leading “First Prototype testing and assessment”.