Siemens is one of the largest electrotechnical companies in the Czech Republic and for more than 125 years it is an integral part of Czech industry and a guarantee of modern and innovative technologies. With its 10,000 employees, it ranks among the largest employers in the Czech Republic. It delivers its technologies, products and services to both private and public sector customers. The Siemens portfolio covers solutions for industry, energy, transport and public infrastructure, building technology and healthcare. In the 2016 business year, the Siemens group of companies in the Czech Republic reported a turnover of more than CZK 29 billion.

Building Technologies division offers a wide range of products, systems and complex solutions for building technology management. These are building, security, fire and installation systems. We provide a complete service including project preparation, delivery, installation and warranties to reduce energy and operating costs. Regular checks and revisions of installed systems are also commonplace.

Role in this project

Siemens sees a significant added value and a new business potential in providing better analyses of data streams coming from various sectors and areas, including connected cars, smart city components, etc. The Cross-CPP project results will also help us easily customize big data analytics solutions to be able to serve the whole range of customers – from individual home owners to large housing operators. The initial exploitation strategy is to participate on actual financial gains brought by the optimized smart home operation resulting from advanced analyses.