The Open Group

The Open Group


The Open Group (X/Open Company) is a worldwide industry organisation with headquarters in the United Kingdom, which has more than 400 members representing all the largest system and software vendors, and many end user organisations, including world leaders in manufacturing, finance, defence, health care, util- ities, commerce and telecommunications. The Open Group provides a vendor-neutral forum for buyers and suppliers of technology to agree on technology evolution and interoperability. The Open Group vision of Boundaryless Information FlowTM is to enable access to integrated information, within and among enter- prises, based on open standards and global interoperability. Its Research Institute conducts advanced tech- nology development for real-time systems used in production control environments, distributed systems, advanced methods for enterprise architecture and information security. The Open Group owns and licenses to industry the UNIX trademark and provides conformance and certification programmes for other consor- tia including WAP conformance, OMG Corba object request broker conformance, Realtime OS conform- ance and several others, some of which are under R&D contracts with industry leaders or national govern- ments.

The Open Group hosts multiple Forums addressing key technology areas and standards including the Enterprise Architecture Forum, Open Platform 3.0 Forum, the Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum, and the Process Automation Forum for extending PLM standards, which are all related to the project. Forum members include leading system software and tools suppliers from both Europe and the USA as well as many multinational end user organisations from the manufacturing sector. The Open Group collaborates with many other standards organisations around the world by providing support for certification pro- grammes, hosting of consortia, shared memberships, and joint standardisation initiatives. The Open Group with a large base of industrial members will lead the exploitation planning and will support widespread dissemination both through its quarterly events as well as by coordination of standardisation actions in support of the new project technologies.


Role in this project

Leader of “Context Sensitive privacy, Security and Ethics Rules” and of “Security and IPR Rules”, as well as of “Standardisation”. Responsible for the elaboration of Security and IPR rules and for overall contributions to:

  • Detailed analysis of industrial requirements and of the envisaged cross-sectorial services and business scenario.
  • Holistic Ecosystem concept and architecture for integrating multi-sectorial CPP data.
  • Testing of laboratory prototypes of the components.
  • Specify and implement the set of reference services (both PES and cross-sectorial) based on analytics of data streams from CPPs from three sectors.
  • Prepare and implement infrastructure needed to collect data streams from CPP, backend and cloud based infrastructure to connect to the marketplace.
  • Integrate the outputs of previous tasks into the Cross-CPP Ecosystem as first and final prototypes and install it within the industrial partners’ infrastructure.
  • Define/enhance validation process and metrics.
  • Test the installed prototypes in industry to verify that different parts of the Cross-CPP ICT ecosystem interacts as expected, i.e. that there is an integrated and working ICT Ecosystem.
  • Carry out assessments and provide feedback for necessary refinements to optimise the analytics solutions and services.
  • Provide demonstrations of the project results in industrial environments.
  • To disseminate the project ideas and results.
  • To identify the industrial potentials and elaborate the plan for using and disseminating foreground.
  • To launch and continuously support the experience exchange with external actors.
  • To inform the public audience about the enabled potentials, impact and related consequences.
  • Communicating, sharing and transferring relevant knowledge about the technologies developed in the project to the European market of technology providers and end users.
  • Approaching the market by designing and implementing innovative Business opportunities/models associated with the CPP Big Data Marketplace and Cross-CPP Ecosystem.
  • Guiding the project towards a viable exploitation strategy on a global scale by developing an exploitation plan.
  • Promoting the adoption of relevant Cross-CPP results as standards, be them de facto or formal standards.