• Design and implementation of a Cross-sectorial Ecosystem.
  • Enlargement of big data pool by data streams from various industrial sectors such as automotive, smart building automation systems and other industries.
  • Creation of an One-Stop-Shop Marketplace, just one interface for Service Providers to access data.
  • Marketplace offers advanced support for Service Providers, especially for start-ups and SMEs, by provisioning of flexible cross-stream analysis tools of large data volumes.
  • Definition of a standardized cross industrial data model, enabling to store and access data streams coming from multiple sources in same format.
  • Empowers data owners to exploit their most valuable asset in world of “Internet of Things” (e.g. owners of vehicle, smart building device etc.).
  • Commercial confidentiality, privacy, IPR and ethical aspects of multiple data streams -> owners can fully control which data they want to provide to whom (Service Provider).
  • Establishment of diverse enhanced sectorial and cross-sectorial services.